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Aprovecho Research Center is a center for all sorts of sustainable activities in their own backyard and across the globe. It is located on the western edge of the Willamette watershed in Oregon. (near Eugene) The 40-acre piece of land is home to ethical agriculture--providing nutrition for the community. It is home to sustainable forestry management--providing firewood, building materials, medicinals, mushrooms, habitat, and an economically viable path towards an old-growth forest. Aprovecho is the home of the development of various appropriate technologies including solar showers, insulated cookers, solar cooking, draft box, and much more...


ASAT--Advanced Studies in Appropriate Technology--is a part of Aprovecho. ASAT works to test and to design wood-burning cookstoves with local materials. These fuel-efficient cleaner burning stoves are used at Aprovecho and 100,000s of them have been built in the resource robbed countries of the global south. Resource conservation and improving air quality for women and children globally balance with developing autonomous networks of Permacultural spaces in rural America makes Aprovecho a unique place.


Additionally, Aprovecho has 3 ten-week internships (spring, summer, and fall) to educate about sustainable living and be a part of Aprovecho's work. Many colleges give academic credit for this internship. Chris and Josh host a weekly radio show "Rhythms and Resistance" on KSOW 106.7 (Aprovecho's community radio station that reaches the town of Cottage Grove, Oregon). The presentation / discussion will elaborate on Aprovecho, give details about appropriate technologies that are useful to you, and try to learn how their work is related to your work, your experience, and your life.


Josh Fattal is the Internship Coordinator. He has previously worked in education in the wildernesses of California, the wilderness of East Oakland, the White mountains of New Hampshire, and the docile high school students in Berkeley, California. He is currently setting up a website for the first time, and feels very techy for it.
Chris Foraker is one of the Foresters at Aprovecho. He has worked at Aprovecho for a year. He has previously worked with wood and construction in Bozeman, Montana and Denver, Colorado.
Both of us have travelled around the world, and have come to settle and to be rooted in a place for a while.

About this blog

We are blogging because we read in the newspaper that a lot of people are doing it and they think it is good. My brother says that the internet will allow for a democratization of the media. We are for democratization.

Miguel's AT class

"Take it easy, but take it"
-Woody Guthrie