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On Becoming A Radical Social Reformer
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On Becoming A Radical Social Reformer
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On Becoming a Radical Social Reformer

On becoming a radical social reformer


In an effort to document and inspire the transformation of people from passive subjects of the ruling elite to radical social thinkers and actors, I am trying to compile, to edit, and to publish a book of stories. I am collecting stories from people of all backgrounds who continually try to internalize radical social critiques into their life and thoughts. I invite you to share your story.


In one to twenty pages, describe how you have come to think and act as if society needs to be radically transformed. This can come in any form. It can be personal or intellectual. It can be one moment or a slow process. Please explain how the process of becoming radical continues to effect your present beliefs and course of action. Finally, please tact on a short paragraph (in addition to your story) about what you are doing now. Have fun with it!


I have written a piece on myself that you could use if you want guidance—just ask me for a copy. But I also encourage you to not be influenced by my style of storytelling and speak from your heart.


Feel free to ask me any questions:


Yours Truly,

Josh Fattal







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"Take it easy, but take it"
-Woody Guthrie