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Notice to High School students

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Notice to High School students

Notice to High School students

The government’s mistakes are not due to bad governors but rather to the existence of governors. The real choice is not which governor should rule society but rather whether society should be governed by a separate class of governors.  The first step in governing ourselves is educating ourselves.


School and education are separate words with separate meanings. School is our society’s means of socialization, and therefore, it is a means of social control. The police are another means of social control, and if you look around, you’ll find police at school. Some people will have you think that we need more schools, but I ask you: do you want more or less school? Think about it 7:35 to 2:40 everyday since you were six years old. Every adult says they learned nothing in high school. Do you really learn to think in school? Do you really gain a sense of responsibility in school? Do we mature because-of or in-spite-of school?


There is a historic, international resistance to schools. Look it up on the internet: google: anarchist resistance to schools. Anarchists resist schools because they are authoritarian not democratic, and Anarchists are anti-Authoritarian. Do you make the rules, decide what topics to study, and how to learn them at school? Of course not, an authoritarian teacher does. You do what the teacher says or else the disciplinarian comes after you. If you disobey the disciplinarian you are kicked out; and if you disobey the demand to return to school, then you have to deal with the police. This is social control. Students have demanded changes in schooling before. Google: Soweto riots. Students have walked out against curriculum, discipline, lack of freedoms, discrimination, wars, draft….


The point is that you have the right to be free. To be free in this sense is to not be controlled or coerced. Along with the “right” of freedom comes responsibility that only the mature will be able to handle: in order to be free to do, to learn, and to be as you want, then you must be accountable for your own actions, which requires self-management. We as individuals, groups, families, communities, neighborhoods, have the capacity to manage our own affairs. Realizing this ideal of self-management requires responsibility and mutual aid.


To demand freedom from school requires that you take responsibility for your own education.


Take the chance, dance towards freedom and liberation. Demand the right to be free in every sphere of life. Take responsibility for yourself, your neighbor, and the future. Should the teacher have a right to silence you? Should the military be lying to your peers in your cafeteria?


Coercion takes many forms. You can be physically coerced into something. (e.g. rape) Or you could be coerced with the threat of punishment. Punishment could be a bad grade. It could be the denial of privileges, such as limiting freedom of movement. The education system teams up with the economy for the most motivating coercion: less job opportunities will be available to you if you do not obey. Also, certain knowledge will be less accessible to you without obeying.


To create a non-coercive society is a large task. It depends, in part, on people believing that humans can in fact relate as equals without coercion. It requires us practicing egalitarian relationships. If requires finding ways to fill the needs for education and an economic livelihood outside of coercive systems. All this encourages you to get a few friends together take an idea and throw it against the wall and see if it sticks.


Let this age of inclusive, empowered, self-management permeate through all spheres of life from the classrooms to the keg parties to the jam sessions, to the sports arenas, to all the hobbies of high schoolers…



"Take it easy, but take it"
-Woody Guthrie