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Aprovecho America

Feedback from the road...

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Feedback from the road...
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"You guys are so inspirational. I've realized that there are only two options in life: engage in social revolution at Aprovecho or do it somewhere else!"
-Josh Wiezer
Philadelphia, Pa
"I am very tempted to go across country with you, but I better go do Vipassana."
-Jenny Bohrman
Elkins Park, Pa
"You guys are part of the best groups of people that I know."
-the mysterious Carl Duvall
"I cannot wait until Aprovecho America arrives in my town"
"These Anarchists are living a feral livestyle"
"I like your stories"
"Have you two killed each other yet?"
-a ph.d. student in Urbana, Ill
"I want 500 million people in this world and I want oranges."
-A man of undisclosed age in Ann Arbor, Mi
"What are you eating? Nuggets
Why are people fat? Because they are stupid pieces of shit
What is your name? Stupid piece of shit."
-A McDonalds costumer
"How was the Big and Nasty? Well, Its a big and tasty first of all, secondly, i think I could go for another one?
-Conversation of consumer and radio show host in McDonalds
"You have not swept me off of my feet"
-Jewel in Pittsburgh
"What are you talking about. Stop lying!"
-Chris to Josh mid-presentation in Northland College in reference to the success of his slug tempura meal at Aprovecho.
"Al Haber, you talking about Al, I know that man.... Ahh yeah... He was singing his song loud and he kept singing." -Some dude paying partial attention to the presentation in the Long Haul.
"Hey chico, you better go home and get some rest, you're not sounding good." -the most engaged attendant in Santa Cruz after hearing excessive coughing and sniffing by presenter, Josh.

"Take it easy, but take it"
-Woody Guthrie